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Date Added: Oct 2008 / Publisher: Intel


The Intel desktop board D845WN delivers new platform options for the Intel Pentium 4 processor, with the value and reliability of SDRAM memory. Featuring the Intel 845 chipset, this desktop board provides cost-effective, reliable solutions for the Pentium 4 processor.Intel is firmly established as an industry leader in the development of groundbreaking desktop board technologies. Desktop Board D845WN continues this tradition by combining the Pentium 4 processor and SDRAM memory to provide the ultimate SDRAM experience. Platform enhancements include the highest density SDRAM desktop boards available and the fastest IDE interface for transfers to storage devices. The leading support for multiple peripherals at the front and back panel is provided through the USB ports. Active Monitor feature checks system temperatures, power supply voltages, and fan speeds.With desktop board D845WN, system integrators can now design and build custom configurations based on specific technology requirements, while maintaining the flexibility to alter or upgrade later. The board offers the choice between either a Communication and Networking Riser (CNR) or Intel PRO/100 Network Connection, using Intel 82562ET integrated LAN. Six PCI slots on the Desktop Board D845WN (ATX) allow further expansion of the boards' capabilities, and an AGP slot enables customized graphics solutions. Analog Devices SoundMAX with SPX audio delivers exceptional sound and the flexibility to upgrade to multi-channel playback using CNR cards. User satisfaction and system performance are enhanced through Intel Rapid BIOS Boot, Ultra ATA/100 disk support, and up to seven USB ports.In addition to the full software suite, boxed Intel Desktop Board D845WN is unique in that it includes key system integration components. These include processor thermal solution and AGP retention mechanisms, IDE and floppy cables, back panel I/O shield, and configuration labels.

Technical Details

* Hardware Platform: PC
* processor_socket: Socket 478 Unknown modifier
* processor_maximum: 1 Unknown modifier
* compatible_processor_types: Pentium 4 Unknown modifier
* System Bus Speed: 400
* Chipset Type: Intel 845
* RAM Memory Technology: SDRAM
* Ram Memory Maximum Size: 3 GB
* Video Output: None
* networking_feature: None Unknown modifier
* Width: 12 inches
* Depth: 9.6 inches

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