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Date Added: Nov 2008 / Publisher: Intel


The Intel Desktop Board D850EMV2 harnesses the advanced computing power of the Intel Pentium 4 processor. Designed for the Intel 850E chipset, the Desktop Board D850EMV2 utilizes the full bandwidth and performance in the Pentium 4 processor with dual RAMBUS channels and brings Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity to the desktop. The Desktop Board D850EMV2 offers Intel's highest performance platform solution on the mPGA478-pin package and supports Pentium 4 processors. This provides unprecedented system efficiency and responsiveness for those who wish to stay on the cutting edge of the business world.

Installing the D850EMV2 in an existing PC box is relatively easy since with the new fixing mechanism there's no need anymore to screw the retention part of the CPU heatsink to the PC bed. The D850EMV2 motherboard requires, as every Pentium 4 motherboard, an ATX 2.03 (ATX 12 Volts) 300 watt (300 watt is a minimum due to the power consumption of the CPU, the motherboard, etc.) compatible power supply. If your PC meets these requirements you can start installing the motherboard right away. Unlike Asus, Intel motherboards require the presence of an ATX 12volts power unit, otherwise you might experience lookups due to insufficient processor power. Inserting the Pentium 4 into the Socket 478 is a breeze and once you're done you'll have to apply a thermal paste to stick the heatsink over it, so the CPU heat will be dissipated and transmitted to the huge metallic heatsink itself covered by a wide and powerful fan. Due to the heat the Pentium 4 and the motherboard produce your PC will have to be correctly cooled by numerous fans to ensure the reliability of the whole system: as you know the more a PC heats more you have chance to encounter strange fatal errors due to overheating.

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