Intel D946GZIS D946GZTS Motherboard BIOS 0087 Update

Date Added: Jun 2009 / Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista / File Size: 2226 KB / Publisher: Intel


BIOS Version 0087- November 11, 2007
* Fixed issue where system hangs on 2nd boot if 1st boot is in MFG mode.
* Updated processor support.

BIOS Version 0086 - September 21, 2007
* Updated Video BIOS Build Number: 1518 PC 14.27 07/06/2007 17:11:20.
* Workaround on DVMT GraphicsDriverMemorySize Option value to fulfill IIA requirement.

BIOS Version 0085- September 04, 2007
* Fixed issue where ITK or IIA could not access Boot Priority List when all the boot devices disabled in the BIOS Setup.
* Updated processor support.
* Fixed Audio Code subsystem ID problem after resuming S3.
* Fixed issue where CPU fan runs in full speed.
* Implemented changes to support the ITK Map File Specification version 1.15.
* Fixed issue where flashing a large BMP Logo caused inability to reflash and possibly not boot.
* Added support for writing a new variable through .bio capsule.
* Added ITK Data Var Type 3 to store VAREQ variable.
* Fixed issue where IIA or ITK could not set boot order correctly.
* Fixed issue where ITK/IIA could not set Boot Order if the Boot Menu Type in the BIOS Setup was set to Advance.
* Fixed issue where ITK or IIA could not read boot drives' model strings.
* Added support for reporting capsule invocation results.
* Fixed an intermittent failure seen with EFI_VARIABLE in Windows environment.

BIOS Version 0080 - July 16, 2007
* Update processor support.
* Fixed issue where setup control keys (i.e. ESC, TAB, Arrows, F9, F10, etc) does not perform as expected.
* Fixed issue where setup option selection failure.
* Fixed incorrect or corrupt display issues (non-Language).
* Fixed issue of OPTION ROM not displayed during POST when expected.
* Fixed issue of SMBIOS System Slot structures mismatch installed hardware.
* Fixed issue of USB keyboard doesn’t work correctly with USB Legacy disabled.

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