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License: Freeware / Date Added: Aug 2008 / Operating Systems: All OS / File Size: 528 KB / Publisher: Intel


4S4EB0X1.86A Standard BIOS Production Release 12, Build 0032

About This Release
- 4S4EB0X1.86A.0032.P12 (Production 12)
- No on Board Video.

Features/Errata Fixed In This Release


- Fixed ATAPI ID string repeated during POST
- Added feature where both Floppy A: and B: SETUP nodes will appear if the on-board floppy
controller is DISABLED and an add-in floppy controller is installed.


- Added support for Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor at 450MHz.
- Added check to not allow Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor at 500Mhz operation.
- Added BIOS Setup option for Intel(R) Pentium(R) III Processor Serial Number Enable/Disable
- Updated copyright notice.
- Added feature for PCI IRQ limiting.
- Removed Ctl+Alt+L hotkey combination.
- Fixed issue with internal modem disconnect or not responding.
- Fixed the issue with system not displaying video with PCI video card behind a DEC bridge.
- Fixed a issue where resource conflict errors were not captured in the DMI event log.
- Fixed invalid information reported by LDCM.
- Added fix for system not hanging after multi-bit ECC Error.
- Fixed Language translation for DMI strings in setup.
- Fixed DMI storage structure size from get DMI/SMBIOS information.
- Fixed DMI event logging: logging error when keyboard not functional.
- Fixed issue where floppy write protect was accessible even with VIEW ONLY.
- Fixed issue with 5-1/4" floppy drive not be recognized.
- Corrected keyboard issues with NUM LOCK, CAPS LOCK and SHIFT Lock.
- Corrected issue with certain keyboards and keyboard mapping combinations.
- Fixed issue with certain USB IR transceivers.
- Fixed issue with Monitors with USB hubs.
- Fixed issue with SHIFT TAB not working in DOS programs.


- QuietBoot screen is disabled if a small OEM logo is displayed.
- Fixed hang when Himem.sys was not loaded and an attempt to read from CPU update area was made.
- Fixed password error message display with QuietBoot enabled.
- Fixed issue with PC97 R7.6 APM.
- Fixed issue with PC97 R7.6 ACPI.
- Fixed issue with displaying of CPU strings.

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