Canon VB-C50Fi Fixed Network Camera Backup Tool/Restore Tool

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Date Added: May 30, 2008 / Release Date: May 30, 2008 / Publisher: Canon / File Size: 940 KB
OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003


Download and Installation Instructions
Backup Tool/Restore Tool is used to back up or restore settings for Network Cameras VB-C50i, VB-C50iR, VB-C50Fi, and VB-C50FSi.

Windows2000(SP4)/lnternetExplorer6.0(SP1) WindowsXP(SP1a)/lnternetExplorer6.0(SP1) WindowsXP(SP2)/lnternetExplorer6.0(SP2), 7.0 WindowsServer2003 StandardEdition/lnternetExplorer6.0 WindowsServer2003 StandardEdition(SP1)/lnternetExplorer6.0(SP1),7.0 WindowsServer2003 StandardEdition(SP2)/lnternetExplorer6.0(SP2), 7.0 WindowsServer2003 R2 StandardEdition/lnternetExplorer6.0(SP1), 7.0 WindowsServer2003 R2 StandardEdition£¨SP2)/lnternetExplorer6.0(SP2), 7.0

- Follow the procedure below to download the file. - The file is a self-extracting file. 1. Click the file below to open the download window, and then click [Save]. 2. Specify where to save the file (ex. on the desktop) and click [Save]. A file with the same name (exe.file) is downloaded to the specified location. 3. Double click the downloaded file to extract automatically. A folder is created. 4. Double click the PDF file in the folder to open it. Refer to the manual for how to upgrade the version.

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