Netgear FS728TP ProSafe Smart Switch Firmware Upgrade

Date Added: Dec 2009 / OS: All OS / File Size: 3.94 MB / Publisher: Netgear


Enhancements and Bug fixes:
1. Add TCP/UDP based QoS Queue mapping
2. Add Configurable Management VLAN function
3. Add IPv6 ACL
4. Add LLDP

Limitations and Known Issues:
1. When “Limited Dynamic Lock” is enabled and the violation action is to shutdown the port, the port will only shutdown if it receives packet with MAC address that has not been learned by other secured port. If MAC address is already learned by other port with security also enabled, the packet will be discarded. There is there is no security vulnerability as packets from unsecured MAC addresses will never be forwarded.
2. Changing the default PVID would automatically remove the port from VLAN 1.
3. The GUI of ACL does not block improper address like multicast address or broadcast address. Workaround: Please avoid entering incorrect MAC address.
4. Refreshing the page (Ctrl+F5) will always bring you back to the first page, which is the System Information page. Workaround: Please manually navigate to the desired page again.
5. When specify IPv6 ACL rule, the permit all (permit any any) rule would only forward the packet with IP header. As a result, the implicit “deny all” rule will drop all non-IP packets like ARP. Workaround: Use MAC ACL rule that permits all (permit any any) in conjunction with IPv6 ACL.

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