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Date Added: Oct 2008 / Publisher: Intel


The Intel Desktop Board D845GVFN is designed to support the Intel Celeron D processor or Intel Celeron processors 2.0 GHz or higher, as well as the 1.8a GHz or Intel Pentium 4 processors 2.26GHz or higher in the 478-pin package. The Intel Desktop Board D845GVFN was designed with a focus on reducing cost. Features such as the Intel 845GV chipset with Intel Extreme Graphics and support for up to 2 GB of DDR333/266 SDRAM memory, on-board 10/100 LAN Network Connection, up to 4 USB 2.0 ports, and AC'97 audio provide the essential building blocks for the value oriented customer to use on a low-cost platform.

Good motherboard, supports intel celeron D processors, and pentium 4 processors. The motherboard can hold up to 2 gig memory which is well more than enough for any game(atleast any that I have played) The four USB ports on the backside of the mobo comes in handy(especially for those who want to keep their usb products plugged in instead of keep hot swapping with other products. The board does not support APG graphic cards, seeing as it does not have a APG slot; but their are plenty of good pci cards out there. The board does have cmos jumpers, but no boot protection.

Boxed Product Codes: BOXD845GVFNL
10-Pack Product Codes: BLKD845GVFNL/KD845GVFNLPAK10
BIOS ID String: FN84510A.86A
AA # (Altered Assembly): C77646-xyz
Form Factor and Size: MicroATX 9.2x8.2 inches
Processor Support: Intel® Celeron® processors in the 478-pin package
Processor Front Side Bus: Up to 533 MHz
Power Supply: ATX12V or SFX12V with 2x2 power connector
Chipset: Intel® 845GV chipset
Memory Type: DDR - 333 and 266 MHz
Note: Be sure to review the Tested Memory list before using this Intel® Desktop Board.
Max Memory: Up to 2GB
Memory Slots: Two slots
Integrated Graphics: Intel® Extreme Graphics
Integrated Audio: RealTek ALC202A
Integrated LAN: Intel® Pro/100
Expansion Slots: Three PCI
USB Ports: Two ports on back panel; Two ports to front panel via onboard header
Peripheral Interfaces: One diskette drive interface;One parallel port;One serial port;PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
HDD: Two IDE (ATA 100/66/33)
Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

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