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Date Added: Nov 2008 / Publisher: Intel


The Intel® Desktop Board D865GSA Essential Series delivers a flexible graphics solution with support for the Intel® Pentium® D processor, Intel® Celeron® D processor and Intel® Pentium® 4 processor in the LGA775 package. Designed with a focus on minimizing overall platform cost, this desktop board features the Intel® 865G Chipset with integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics 2. Other features of this desktop board include support for up to 2GB of dual-channel DDR 400/333 SDRAM memory, an on-board 10/100 LAN Network Connection, and AC '97 audio. As you have come to expect, this product delivers the stability and reliability associated with all Intel® Desktop Boards.

Form Factor: microATX (9.60 inches by 8.80 inches [243.84 millimeters by 223.52 millimeters])
Processors: Support for an Intel® Pentium® D processor in an LGA775 socket with an 800MHz system bus;Support for an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor in an LGA775 socket with an 800 or 533MHz system bus;Support for an Intel® Celeron® D processor in an LGA775 socket with a 533MHz system bus
Memory: Two 184-pin DDR SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) sockets;Support for DDR 400, DDR 333, and DDR 266;Support for up to 2GB of system memory
Chipset: Intel® 865G Chipset
Video: Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 controller
Audio: Audio subsystem for AC '97 processing using the Realtek ALC655 codec
I/O Control: Winbond W83627EHG LPC Bus I/O controller
LAN Support: 10/100 Mbits/sec LAN subsystem using the Realtek RTL8100C Ethernet LAN controller
Peripheral Interfaces: Eight USB 2.0 ports;One serial port;One parallel port;Two Serial ATA interfaces;Two Parallel ATA IDE interfaces with UDMA 33, ATA-66/100 support;One diskette drive interface;PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
Expansion Capabilities: Three PCI bus add-in card connectors (SMBus routed to PCI bus connector 2)
Universal 0.8V/1.5V AGP 3.0 connector supporting 1x, 4x, and 8x AGP cards

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