HP LaserJet 3052/3055 Printer Firmware Update Utility

License: Freeware / Date Added: Feb 2008 / Operating Systems: Windows (All Versions) / Publisher: HP


HP LaserJet 3050/3052/3055/3390/3392 Printer Firmware Update Utility

Type: Utility
Version: 20070331.001 (March 2007) Rev G
Operating System(s): Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 98SE, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista
File names: 3050_FW_Update-20070331.exe (4.0 MB)
3052/55_FW_Update-20070331.exe (4.0 MB)
3390_FW_Update-200703314.exe (4.0 MB)

NOTE: The LaserJet 3050/3052/3055/3390/3392 share firmware code, so the enhancements/fixes are the same for all products. There are, however, separate upgrade utilities for the LJ3050, LJ3052/55 and LJ3390/92. The file names are listed above in the File Names section.

These changes are implemented in firmware date code 20070331 (Rev G).

* Improved scanning over Microsoft Windows Vista network connections.
* WebJet Admin printer description now displayed correctly.
* Print margin enhancement for print jobs with unspecified size.
* Default printer paper size now used on print jobs with unspecified size (Load Letter error on device).

This revision includes fixes from previous rolls:

* Removal of HP logo from internal pages. (HP logo in the demo page remains).
* Print performance improvement for PCL5e.
* Fix for illegal font data for ITC Zapf DingBats for PCLXL when Wizard PCL6 driver is used.
* Corrected Stretched Horizontal Pixel issue.
* Corrected Scan-through-USB issue for Windows Vista.
* Improved IP address management of DHCP to Manual changes.
* Corrected issue where factory default hostname was overridden by Custom Hostname.
* Improvement for Historical Coverage reporting.
* Improved Supplies Status Reporting.
* Image quality adjustment.
* Adjusted AEC EWS Security fix from previous roll.
* Corrects issue where every fifth copy page is corrupted when device is set to Photo copy mode.
* Corrects issue where the FW Upgrade Utility won't work if a DIMM is installed (LJ3390/92 only). Previously, the FW upgrade utility only worked if the LJ3390/92 DIMM was removed.
* Removed a paper prompt message from this scenario: A print job with Paper Type set to Unspecified is sent to a specific tray, but that tray has been configured with type other than Any.
* Updated the basic Firmware code to enable version-checking feature to be added.
* Added version-checking to the Firmware Update Utility to prevent firmware code for one device from being downloaded to another product. Previously, if incorrect firmware was downloaded and code update completed, the formatter was corrupted and required a formatter replacement. Now, if an incorrect version of firmware is downloaded to a device, the device will post the message "Fatal Error 9" on the control panel and prevent the incorrect code from being installed. The device will recover from this error state, retaining the firmware it had installed just prior to the attempted update. Clear the message by turning the device power off and back on. The user should retrieve the correct Firmware Update Utility from HP.com and proceed with updating the device with the correct code for the product.
* Enhanced EWS Security by extending the EWS solution password/security access control from only the Networking Tab, to include the Fax, System, and Print Tabs.
* The 49 error when connecting a USB cable after printing the service page has been corrected.
* Improved Scanning performance.
* Removed Auto Cleaning Page prompt when installing a new toner cartridge. The feature is still available in the Service Menu at the Control Panel.
* Fixed the paper handling issue where the device pauses when paper tray 3 is empty.
* Improved network configuration reporting.
* Corrected a network issue where network status is incorrect when network cable is unplugged when the device is powered on. If the device is powered up with the network cable disconnected, the Configuration and Network Configuration page would display 'Initializing.' The corrected "Network Cable Disconnected" status message is now displayed.
* All Fax Settings are now saved/restored with the Save/Restore function.
* Improved fax printing speed.
* Fixed 49 Service Error due to fax header length incompatibility (fax header is limited to 25 characters in software and firmware).

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