WD My Cloud EX4 Firmware Update 1.02.25

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Date Added: January 04, 2014 / Release Date: December 30, 2013 / Publisher:WD / File Size: 85.9 MB
OS: Mac OS, Windows


Change History Release 1.02.25:

  • Resolved the issue of missing Term of Service prior to installing Apps.
  • Resolved various translation issues, containing misspellings and text run-ons, in all languages.
  • Resolved a problem with encrypted shares, the volume did not show up after the unit was rebooted.
  • Resolved an issue that when auto-rebuild was disabled the EX4 still performed an autorebuild if the RAID was degraded.
  • Resolved that after rebuilding a degraded RAID 1 shares took more time before mounting by the system. Time to mount is now decreased.
  • Resolved the issue with the Web UI showing duplicate of some shares.
  • Resolved the Active Directory integration problem with system groups being displayed after connection to an AD Domain.
  • Resolved an issue were the device was not automatically rebooted after manually updating firmware.
  • Resolved where AFP was disabled after joining to an Active Directory domain.
  • Resolved and intermit issue with Time Machine not detecting EX4 after reboot.
  • Resolved the problem were AFP failed on the initial connection.

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